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Triptych Wing - exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons

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YY009. Triptych Wing with Transfiguration and Saint Demetrios

Circa 1800
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This is the right hand wing from a triptych. The top-half of the panel shows the Transfiguration. Christ is shown standing on a mountain top. He gazes straight at the viewer and blesses with his right hand. The Old Testament prophets Moses and Elijah stand on either side of Jesus – Moses to the Saviour’s right and Elijah to the left. Moses holds a scroll and looks at the viewer, while Elijah gestures and directs the onlooker to the figure of Christ. Billowing clouds encircle these figures while a red sky can be seen behind them. Beneath Christ’s feet are the three disciples, John, James, and Peter, who have fallen to the ground in amazement at Christ’s luminous metamorphosis. All the figures are shown wearing gold clothing and with gold haloes. Christ’s halo contains a cruciform and the initials IC XC, an abbreviation for the Greek words, Jesus (IHCOYC) Christ (XPICTOC), which uses the first and last letter of each word.

In the lower part of the panel is St Demetrius slaying the King of the Infidels. Demetrius is depicted in the vestments of a warrior saint – golden armour and a cape – and is riding a red horse. He gazes directly out at the viewer. His left-hand reins in the horse and with his right he plunges a spear into the King of the Infidels who is lying on the ground beneath the hooves of the horse. In the distance is a small building with an arched-entrance.