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Assembly of the Archangels - exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons

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E047. The Assembly of the Archangels (synaxis ton asomaton)

('Arkhangelsky Sobor')
19th century
Tempera on gold ground and gesso on wood
Panel: 22.2 x 18.5 cmClick here to convert metric size to imperial

Provenance:  Vilnius art market

Condition:  Good condition, a minor loss at the top right corner

£1,250 [Sold]Click here to convert price to USD or EUR

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The origins of the Feast probably date from the 10th century; the earliest images are found in the 11th century. The Greek word Asomatos (a = not, somatos = physical) means here non-bodily or spiritual as opposed to earthly and physical. Various theologians wrote about this. Saint John of Damascus (10th century) stated that ‘only God is immaterial’ though he went on to say that there are in fact two kinds of immateriality: that of God which is part of His essential nature, whereas spirits, such as angels and souls, are incorporeal through grace. Saint Gregory of Nyssa, writing in the 4th century, assigned different phases of Creation into incorporeal and corporeal and stated that ‘the angelic category is asomatos, the other category is mankind’.

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